Top Whippets in Finland 2013

>> Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Official year 2013 results for our team:


 Top Whippet male #1, Top Veteran #1
Salttu, Int Ch Whiptails Salt'n Pepper

Top Whippet bitch #3, Young Whippet #2
Pippa, Whiptails Sweet Tea At Sunrise

 Top Whippet bitch #5, Young Whippet #5Madde, Whiptails Cheery Rainy Day

Top Whippet bitch #11, Top Veteran #4, Top Progeny Whippet #1
Ida, Int Ch Whiptails Milk'n Honey

Top Progeny Whippet #3
Honey, Ch Peperone Partyline
Whiptails breeder group in Vaasa Int dog show 13.4.2013
From left: Pippa, Irma, Felix and Salttu

Whiptails was Whippet Breeder of the year 2013

Congratulations to all Whiptails Whippet owners and
sincere thanks to all of you who made this possible!


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